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Department Of Political Science

Established in1887 by the amalgamation of Hyderabad School and the Madras-e-Aliya, Nizam College is one of the oldest and most esteemed institutions of higher education in South India. It was affiliated to the University of Madras for 60 years after its inception and was made a Constituent College of Osmania University on 19th February 1947.The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest departments in the College. It was set up in the year 1946. Eminent Political Scientists like Prof. G. Ram Reddy, Prof. Emeritus N.G. Rajurkar, Prof. Rama S. Melkote, Prof. Kancha Illiah, renowned environmentalist Prof. K. Purushotham Reddy and human rights activist Prof. Kodanda Ram Reddy have worked in this college The college was granted Autonomous status for undergraduate courses by the U.G.C for the first time in the year 1988-89. This year happened to be the turning point for the Department as it gave the Department the freedom to frame the U.G. courses syllabus of Political Science on par with the best U.G. Institutions in the country. Since then there has been a continuous improvement and change in the course content trying to keep pace with the changing global socio-political environment to make the U.G students academically competent.The Postgraduate course in the department was introduced in the year 1992. Since the granting of autonomy to the college the teaching methods have also undergone a major change from the use of black board to the use of L.C.D projection system. Currently the Department has 8-teachers: 5- Professors, 2-Assistant Professor and 2 part- time teachers The Department has well qualified teaching faculty on its rolls. All the teachers are well experienced in teaching and research at different levels. The department has three computers with internet facility, one Lap top, one L.C.D projector, one Printer, and one printer cum Photocopier. The department is also having a very good seminar library with latest publications. Students can also have access to these books, steps are also being initiated to lend these books to the students.

Faculty Profiles

    Dr M Krishna Kumar
    Associate Professor &HOD
    Dr C Dayakar Reddy
    Associate Professor
    Dr Arutla Janaki Reddy
    Assistant Professor(Part-Time)
    Mr Thadka Yadagiri
    Assistant Professor(Part-Time)
    Dr B Surdarshan
    Assistant Professor(Part-Time)
    Ms Haritha Salla Assistant Professor(Part-Time)