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Department Of French

The French department of Nizam college has a successful and consistent history of excellence since when it was established decades ago. Our unique campus and an ever increasing number of foreign students of different countries, cultures, religions, and social backgrounds as well as students from all over India form an integral part of the ‘Nizamian Philosophy’. This distinctive cultural composition together with our tradition of safeguarding student’s academic welfare in both the present and the future is at the core of academic methodology.

The department of French is proud to have on average 70 (seventy) students in both the first and second years in the last five years. At present there are about 76 (seventy six) students in the first year and about 68 (sixty eight) students in the second year.

The text books recommended by The department of French, Osmania university is titled “Le Nouveau Sans Frontières” 1 and 2 including the Work Books 1and 2 to the main text books “Le Nouveau Sans Frontières 1 and 2” and various related Text books, comprising a variety of French text books for beginners, Basic, Core and Extended French Grammar, various Basic and extended and also highly illustrative materials on Communicative French, French Magazines and Journals.

These materials contain modern and dynamic information on current French Language, comprising basic, Core and Extended French Grammar, Diverse Texts, real and imaginary Articles, Various Compositions, Dialogues, Continuous and creative Writing Exercises, Illustrations, French culture and Civilisation, “La Francophonie” (The Francophony World) and diverse grammar exercises.

We always encourage the students to be forward-thinking and to look beyond college French and to get involved with the “Francophony World” seizing the least of opportunities as they surface, with vested emphasis on the use of Internet. This has resulted to a number of our students taking extracurricular classes and French cultural programs at the world renown “Alliance Française of Hyderabad”, a global French Institute sponsored by the French Ministry of Education in France.

We regularly take part in Inter-college French competitions and late visited Kasturba Women’s College at Secunderabd, where the inter-college competitions went on under the auspices of the “Alliance Française of Hyderabad” in an atmosphere of ‘Learning by Delight’.

These kinds of extra-curricular activities will not only complement the French student’s college French program but it will also provide the our French students with a real-time opportunity to connect, learn, compete with the ever changing world outside college. The opportunities provided by such competitive platforms have, according to my experience resulted in the students gaining priceless academic values. Values which have always proven beneficial later in the life of French students.

Faculty Profiles

    Dr. Avinash Jaiswal,M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. professor & HOD
    Mr.Dibo Kingsley Part-Time Faculty
    Mr. Sudarshan Part-Time Faculty