Core Values Of The Institution

To provide students with a teaching-learning experience that develops in them the capacity for creativity, critical evaluation, discernment, effective communication, in-depth knowledge and fashion turn them into innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs

To ensure effective evaluation of teaching / learning curricula and provide co-curricular opportunities for students and faculty

To achieve excellence in pure and applied research in different subjects and contribute to the development of the State and the Nation

To ensure and enhance accountability among all students, administration and faculty.

To develop an environment-friendly campus

To build a network of alumni and friends to strengthen allegiance and support to the College

To fulfil the various responsibilities of an institution of learning towards the community / society at large

To help students make the transition from the technical competence/theoretical knowledge they acquire to a practical/experiential dimension of learning and application to real life situations

To inculcate in students a sense of belonging, love for and loyalty towards their almamater

To give an all-round development to the students personality and bring out the perfection which each person has been invested with by nature

To make the students competent to survive in the world of challenges once they complete their programmes

To transform students in to mature individuals and true global citizens